Thursday, August 25, 2011


uwaaa... i hate the word CONFESSION! why?
it's reveal about ourselves! myself!! kueng kueng kueng..
ok! let's straight to the point.. maybe you all know right past 2 years ONLINE SHOPPING became HOT story in M'sia.. so that also getting involve as BUYER ok! NOT seller.. hahaha..
what should i do? i keep on thinking that more easier for me to buy THINGS through online rather than CROWDING place.. mostly around KL..fuh! weekends is the busiest day EVER in kl town!! hate it! plus at that time i KEEP on thinking online shopping MORE CHEAPER than those at the malls.. 
1st item i tried to buy through on9 was SHAWL! ehehe.. i love wearing SHAWL.. tudung 4 segi tu..[tudung bawal n etc tu not suitable with my face!] hate it! so, 2009 i start wearing shawl all the time as i remember.. HAHA.

from ONLINE SHOPPING --> i become a addicted person to online shopping! ok! nonstop buying things through online! kyaaa!! from shawls --> clothes --> shoes --> bags!! dush3! really really makes me feel PUAS ok! haha. unable to describe and express it! that's me in the year 2009! hahaha..

CONFESSION for today :
i stop buying through ONLINE!
it's difficult to do so.. BUT i try so HARD for not involve with it anymore~
hurmmm impossible right FOR NOT involve in buying online..
sometimes THINGS you can get MORE cheaper from online stuffs! hehe..
example : perfumes, books...[FOR ME : that's things i think you all can buy through online]..
other stuffs : YES! you can..but find it with reasonable PRICE! 
*not saying that online SELLER marking up price so high in order to obtain HIGH profit!
but some do so.. 
if you are a person who LOVE buying online stuffs.. look at the quality, material, and ALSO price [think of it is reasonable with it?]

hehe.. i just voice out loud my opinion~ that's me...
for me shawl --> you can find at outside.. if that online shop sell it at REASONABLE price then go on...
clothes --> material is the most important to me.. from online shop can't touch it.. so be careful lah! [i have that experience.. : the material is not GOOD but in the pic saying like this and that.. ='( ]

MY IDEA : if you wanna buy online stuffs.. looking for if the online shop HAS a store.. which she/he not ONLY sell through online but HAVE a store..heehehe..

so....... i just overcome 1 problem in myself! hehehe...
#online shopping  have it pros and cons~[i think everything in this earth!]
think wisely ya peeps!

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