Wednesday, February 9, 2011


wa...first story for this february...
kesian blog ni yer..[ada sedikit habuk kat blog ni..tu bersin tu]
the owner busy with her last minute assignments,projects,quizzes la...
so just briefly want to tell u all...
actually i have things to story here but.........
today and next week are my FINAL EXAM!! kyaaaaa!! scary~~~ hoping that i can do better for the FINAL SEMESTER!
pray for me and my friends.

last but not least...all the best to my friends!
let's fight for our last sem!
my EPT peeps! [let's tawakkal to Allah what we already go through today]

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  1. ameen,ameen ameen.. ^_^ the quote "LAST MINUTE ASSGMENTSSS,PROJECTS,whatsoever" :P