Friday, November 18, 2011

we are born in NOVEMBER!

hehehe.. i just feel a little bit special when november is coming! btw it's already in month NOVEMBER ok!

my DAD birthday!! very VERY very happy 62nd birthday!!
may Allah bless you oboh!!
i don't showing my love to him but i SAYANG my dad so much...
he also don't know how to express his love!!
but yet your are my father! my friend! my everything!!
thanks oboh!!

my OWN birthday!! hehehe...
thanks people who wish me n pray for me..
i'm really2 appreciate it!!
doa is the most important..! and not just for me but for everyone too!! =')
get big apple on my birthday night! hehehe..
btw kene quarantine duduk rumah on my bithday! hahaha =.=" [blame on my mom~]

my 2nd BROTHER birthday!!!! heheheh...
happy birthday to aie! 
may Allah bless you always ABANG aie!!
i wondering why i can't call you ABANG! hahaha...
we already GOT our own present la aie!!!
ipod! ahaha... ='P [ lol! ]

hehehe sorry old pic! 
<3 both of you!! 
we born in the same MONTH!! yeayyy!
[cian pulak abang,mak n akak! hahaha]

ohhh! btw!
sandara park from 2ne1 also born on november!heheh
same date with me!! kekeke..
[tetibe sesuke pulak!]

so i do think NOVEMBER be my special month ever!! hehehe... 
thanks to ALLAH because give us a chance to be in this world to do ibadah to You...

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