Thursday, July 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum...title kali ni tentang JENIS DARAH! aissshhh masuk bab2 sains la pulak..bukan nak cter ape ade dengan darah tu..cuma nak share CHARACTERISTIC dari darah anda je.. bende ni psychology je sebenar nye...tapi bile bace ade kene dengan kter...JOM TENGOK ANDA MACAM MANE....

People with blood type A has a strength of character with deep roots that will help them to remain calm in a crisis when everyone panicked face a similar situation. They tend to avoid confrontation, and actually less comfortable in the crowd. They are usually shy and sometimes prefer seclusion. They seek harmony and are very polite, but they actually never really fit with the others. They are very responsible. If there is work to be done, they prefer to do it themselves. People with this blood type is always carved out a successfuland highly perfectionist. They are also very creative, and most artistic of all blood types are there because of their sensitivity.

People with blood type B is the most practical of all the blood there. They specialize in thefield. When they start a project, they will spend more time trying to understand and follow all instructions / directions as needed for that. If you do something, they always focus onwhat is being done. They tend to be guided by the purposes and chased up to completethe job even though it seems not possible. They tend to be less cooperative. They prefer to follow the rules and their own ideas. People with blood type B to give more attention to the thoughts of their feelings, and therefore, it sometimes seems cold and serious.

People with AB blood type hard to classify. They can have characteristics on both ends of the spectrum at the same time. That is, on the one hand they are shy, on the other hand,very open. They easily convert one side to the other. They are trustworthy and responsible, but can not be responsible if too much is demanded of them. They do not mind helping along in accordance with their terms. People with blood group is very fond of art and metaphysics. AB is also considered the worst blood type within Japan. They also like to determine its own terms and entitled to abort if it does not fit with their expectations. They are known to be very sensitive and attentive.

People with blood type O are those who do not much bother, energetic and has a high social life. They are the most flexible of all existing blood group. They will quickly start a project but are having problems continue and often much too easily give up in the middle of the road. They sometimes act and not be relied upon. They always say what's on their minds directly. They are always honest. They value the opinions of others and love to becenter of attention. In addition, people with blood type O has confidence was strong.

[teringat plak 1st time derma darah tahun lepas]

darah fara jenis ape biar lah rahsia...hehehe..tapi ade ckit persamaan ape yang dikatekan..hehehehe...
*source from UNCLE biar je la in english...[bukan nak speaking noh]
enjoy bace ya!