Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[alphabet] B for BOYS OR BOYFRIEND!

hmmm maybe u all already read on alphabet A!
i will continue with others alphabets!!!!!!!! untillllllllllllllllll Z!
cool rite! hehehe...either until dis end of year or next year just keep on follow my blog ya!
why B for boys or boyfriend plak?? not others....reason : IT'S FITRAH! other way U NEED THEM!
let's make comparison between both of it!

                    BOY                                               BOYFRIEND
- easy to talk                                           - more understanding
- secure around them                               - will protect u no matter what happen!
- all sengal2 things happen with boys        - the sweetest memories with lover.
- feeling : biase2 je                                   - feeling : i'm totally INTO U lover
- word can say : SALAM,HYE                - word can say : I <3 U! IMY!
- called : oit..or by name only                    - called : CYG, B, etc...
                                                                   [eeeee i'm not use to it]
- can't be married!!                                   - will be ur HUSBAND 4eva!! if ada
- friendship will be lasting.                         - [boyfriend], u r everything!

# so amacam! hehehe....
maybe u  can make a comparison between boy n boyfriend!!!
** me too excited to continue with C!**

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